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Revd Capt Steve Dixon Vicar

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Malccolm Railton in his own words

My name is Malcolm Railton and I am fifty-eight years old. I am married to Glynis and we have two grown up children, Mark and Rebecca, and a grandson Dylan.

I grew up in the north east of England, mainly in Boldon, leaving the area in 1986 to join the Metropolitan Police. After about eight years we returned to the north east and I completed my police career with Durham Constabulary. I was involved in a variety of roles but my happiest times were spent as a dog handler.

Since retiring from the police service, I have continued to be involved in music, my main hobby. Although I no longer play brass instruments I am still involved with a small number of bands playing guitar, bass guitar and double bass.

Why am I training for Ordination in the Church of England? That’s the big question and I often find it difficult to put into words. That may be because God’s calling is beyond words, certainly beyond mine. However, I do not see my new role being radically different from my previous one. Service, love and care for others is at the heart of both. You may be thinking where does God come into being a police officer but if we remember that God is everywhere and in all things why wouldn’t he be there. God’s presence may not always be obvious but he is always with us.

The next stage of my journey is leading me to Holy Saviour at Tynemouth, a new adventure for all of us and I am looking forward to it tremendously. I have been given a great opportunity to continue to learn and develop my ministry with Steve and all of you and I can’t wait to get started.

I hope to bring practical common sense and ordinariness to my new role.

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Mrs Janice Torpy
Church Warden
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Stuart Crozier

Parish Administrator

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Mr David Bilton
Church Warden

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PCC Treasurer & planned giving secretary


Mr Malcolm Soulsby
Director of Music