Music at Holy Saviour’s

Music plays a very full part in enriching the worship at Holy Saviour’s. We are a Parish Church, all are welcome and encouraged to use their talents to take a full part in enriching the musical side of worship in our Church.

Most of the worship in Church is accompanied by our fine Rushworth and Dreaper Organ which was restored in 2015 (Details on NPOR).

Once a month or so the talents of other members of the Church are brought into play to form a band to lead the singing. This currently comprises guitars, flute, clarinet and keyboard but new musicians are always welcome to come along and join us.

There is also a singing group at Holy Saviour’s which rehearses weekly on a Wednesday evening. This group helps to lead the singing, providing 4 part harmony where appropriate. Also the group learns and sings reflective hymns or motets to sing during sharing of the communion. Future ambitions of the singing group are to lead the reintroduction of sung parts of the worship such as the Sursum Corda and Sanctus in tuneful, easy to learn settings enabling the congregation to take a full part. New members are always welcome to the singing group. You do not have to be able to read music, you won’t have to sing solos. Just bring yourself, a joy of singing in worship and a sense of humour.

On a more light hearted note the Band and singing group have also supported Church social events. They sing and play solo items and lead community singing. There are more of these events in the pipeline.


If you would like to know more about the music please contact

Malcolm Soulsby 07903 374722 ( who is our

Director of music, or one of the Church Members on a Sunday.