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Pew Sheets

16th Sunday after Trinity 19 September 2021

The Collect for today

Lord of creation,

whose glory is around and within us:

open our eyes to your wonders,

that we may serve you with reverence

and know your peace at our lives’ end,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



We pray for our brothers and sisters across the world in Uganda, and the Diocese of MØre and the Diocese of Greenland. Closer to home, we pray for the Diocese of Sheffield. In our own Diocese, in the Tynemouth Deanery, we pray for the Benefice of Shiremoor St Mark and their Priest in Charge, Rae Caro.

In our own parish we pray for Millview Drive and Algernon Terrace.

We pray for those who are unwell; Callum, Clare Brown, Thelma, Cath Goode, Valery Morley and Isobel.

And in the Years Mind we pray for Les Horn, Muriel Ashworth, Joseph Flannigan, Shelagh Brennan, Sarah Pearson, Audrey Stringer, Peter Drury, Barbara Burrell and Albert Probert.

Notes and Notices

Church is open for public worship on Sundays at 10am 6pm, and Wednesdays at 10am.

Services are also being livestreamed at 10am on our YouTube channel each Sunday or by phoning 0191 412 1377 after 3pm on Sundays.

Our postponed Jigsaw Competition will now take place at 6pm on Friday 8 October in the Parish Hall. Tickets are available from the Parish Office.

The PCC is considering plans for the redevelopment of the Parish Hall. We would like to share these with you to hear your views. Please see the plans here and pass your comments and questions to our vicar, Steve Dixon.

The Church is open for private prayer weekdays and Saturdays 9am- 4pm.

The collection box for The Bay Foodbank has been placed at the back of church for non-perishable food and toiletries.

The September edition of Parish News is available in print at the back of church. The July/August edition of Parish News is available online here.

The August/September edition of the Link Diocesan newspaper is available to download here.

The parish office is open weekdays, 9-11am.