The fees for services during 2022

 Diocese PCC Church Facilities**Organ*VergerPublication of bannsCertificateTravel expensesTotal fee
Baptism service--------No charge
Service of thanksgiving for birth--------No charge
Replacement certificate of baptism------£16-£16
Marriage service in church£218£262£75£80£40£32*** £707*
Banns for marriage elsewhere-----£32£16 £48
Blessing of marriage-£262£75£80£40-- £457*
Funeral service in church£112£94-£80£40--£10£336*
Funeral service at a crematorium or cemetery£174£32-£80---£10£296*
Memorial service in church-£94-£80£40--£10£224*


* While we would recommend that organ music is a part of church servicese it is not a requirement to have an organist at a service and this portion of the fee will not be charged should a service be conducted without organ music

A video livestream of services in church on youtube can be arranged for an additional fee of £100

** The church facilities fee covers general facilities and consumables required to operate the church building

*** Marriage certificates and duplicate marriage certificates can only be obtained from the local Registry Office